Considering that the publication of a disclaimer only serves other's goal(s) rather than my own - which is to "share the fun" (e.g. IDEAS) essentially, euh...  M'well, lets start writing about what an early conclusion looked like after a sufficient dose of cognitive work has been performed, many years ago:

Chances are my LAVA "conceptual extension" emerging directly from such vaporist "fantasy" didn't even exist back then...

It acknowledged basic top-of-list design criterias with absolute safety as its 1st priority.  So, from an e-smoker perspective it only makes sense to want to emulate an old habit without also perpetuating the same set of mistakes, one generation after the next.  Butane used to be a most efficient, reliable and relatively safe source of high-density power but lets just face it:  purists want alternatives and it turns out electro-magnetic Induction Heating can guaranty it - and quite affordably as a bonus.

Here's my LAVA deal.  To never hold a seriously-stressed high-power battery inches from my nose again, period.  So long e-Cig format, m'well unless energy can be stored as heat instead of electricity that is!

It turns out my previous Prototyping Platform helped to gain useful perspectives about the problem even before i actually felt ready to intensify my focus on "Plan-A" again, as i just did last week by pointing out elsewhere that the metal susceptor wasn't required to be present directly across a Hybrid Core path, radiative/conductive energy should suffice to inject a "Heat Charge" except this is expected to take a while longer before such temporarily-activated power reserve can be removed from its IH-driver base and brought to the lips, leaving its primary power source behind on a belt or table, etc.

Heavy-duty outdoor missions normally defeat the purist preference for glass or ceramic, so i suppose consumers may appreciate the elementary fact that my design was always meant to remain inclusive by sticking to a KISS way of thinking.  It's also important NOT to exclude scenarios when there's no need to, hence leaving glass/ceramic as a viable option (with some trade-offs attached).

That's how my LAVAGen2/LAVATube fantasy realm evolved into a 2-parts concept, with its screen optional since i'm unsure it's still desirable in IH-driven scenarios.  All i can tell is that no valid motive will convince me NOT to leave the battery pack at a safe distance when given a clear opportunity.  At most wear a belt, instead of inserting it in a pocket;  yet i sense thick leather would provide true protection compared to synthetic tissue anyway!


Now, more precisely about my animated GiF above.

Its intended purpose is to delete electrical power combination of multiple power cells and replace it with a direct "Fault-Tolerant" merged conversion as heat, in a process where equivalent magnetic circuits combined in a way to remain operative in presence of a weak or dead cell among at least 3, because 2 would always need to be active at all times.  Just playing musical chair to limit stress even further...

The "Manual OverRide" feature of my hypothetical asynchronous 3-Phase (or "Pentagon" 5-Phase?) IH-driver represents additional fault protection in case of digital failure by closing a resonant loop with suitable gate drivers inserted before each power stage, etc.  2-Phase/2-cells may trade affordability/simplicity for versatility.

Having 2 batteries ON at all times felt necessary back then and today's apparent success of ZVS handheld units suggests this is most preferable unless aiming for lame e-Cig applications only.  So if fault-tolerance as explained is to happen then i figure this should translate as 3, maybe 4 or even 5 individual power cells, with a random duo active at all times while some switching matrix would connect them together to generate sufficient voltage.

Very naturally the recourse to Induction calls for Curie alloys or equivalent in my mind so the concept gets a real chance to prove even "safer", this time by establishing a temperature ceiling in order to define a temporarily-stored Heat Charge capacity (expressed in joules) destined to target the contact-surface of tiny items in a bowl where no time is allowed for significant thermalization...  Starting from there the stealing of IH pulses or cycles will automatically pave the way to precision adjustment up to such self-contained regulation mechanism.  In other words a basic implementation will work fine with ZVS modules while custom-designed IH-driving promises so much more.  Haptic/Audio User Interfacing comes to mind besides ultrasonic steering expected to further speedup thermal exchanges, all it takes is the integration of a continuous magnetic field in opposition to an A.C. one, using a DC coil or magnet.

Then inclusivity for the masses shall really become accessible and affordable, it would no longer matter if the owner has 1 arm instead of 2, for example.  Or if he happened to be vision impaired, colour-blind or plain blind.  My LAVA concept always kept such considerations in mind, on top of optional Inlet Water which i learned to value since my conversion to clean-burning butane 6 years ago.  Walking the path via "Plan-B" wasn't restricted to flash-vaporization alone, it gave me hands-on background which embraced reality in the most practical manner, by teaching me it's also essential to keep an eye on skin burns.  Hence my initial persistence at keeping the susceptor deep inside my Hybrid Core where it's safest to reside.


And of course if there's wireless feedback provisions then some eventual experiments as in a karaoke iPhone appl. shall effectively replenish my imagination for the remaining of a sunny day!

So, briefly put it can't explode my face while broad-band Pulse-Heating "fumet" can be "Micro-Dosed" in a portable fault-tolerant format supporting a vast range of applications going from mithridatism up to "party" abuse.  Though always making certain the consumer receives sufficient self-awareness feedback, visually and more.  Some quick learning/training iPhone tool would also make sense as vulnerable "medicinal" users can't afford repeated mistakes causing accumulated aggravation from repeated coughs requiring days to heal, etc., etc.

Last but not least, our electro-magnetic environment being saturated with multiple sources of irradiation already i came to adopt the conviction that flux concentration & shielding must be mandatory on my to-do list as well.  So this is what i used to fuel my cognitive work a bit further in absence of any relevant input from the usual "stoner" sandbox:

Actually it's nothing more than an object meant to evoke one possible avenue of solution i yet haven't addressed through 1st-person experimentation, so far.  Looking at it closer one may realize that's some very old stepper motor removed from a Seagate ST225 Hard Drive as found in the PC-XT computers...

My reasoning is that it's optimized for efficient conversion of electricity into mechanical torque, which in turn might favour battery autonomy IMO (...), so why not remove part of that (rotor-related) process and hope for the best:  e.g. direct energy conversion in pulse-mode as heat instead, while a slow/steady mode would seem more appropriate for thermalizing "Ovenizer" based designs i rejected early as that's totally incompatible with ex-smoker evocations of a lost hobby IMHO.

So i'm ready to bet such refurbished legacy assy. can stand the type of heat bursts involved, considering my LAVAWand is removed and the Hybrid Core with it, while the later shall fill with fresh air right after its temporarily-stored Heat Charge transferred into a bowl...  No real need for control loop sensors + associated delays, a combustion alarm and whatnot, etc., etc.


That's it, hoping i didn't leave major items unexplored...

Good day, have fun!!  :-)