Lightning in a Bottle

A project log for The Homebrew Steampunk Laptop v2

"Admiral, this is an almost totally new Enterprise." (, Homebrew Steampunk Laptop)

StarhawkStarhawk 03/30/2019 at 18:050 Comments

The initial concept art for what was now being called "The Rebuild", was done mostly in my imagination. I didn't try fitting the components together to see how they interacted; I just assumed that they would interact in a somewhat useful manner and arranged them on the page according to my taste. This was the result...

Unfortunately, this worked out to be a highly unlikely configuration, as I very quickly discovered when I did start putting parts together a little bit, just to see how they fit and not in any permanent manner. Most things, in fact, were not going to fit the way I wanted. So I got out another piece of paper, and redrew it. (It's the second work in the Gallery.) Then I reworked that, realizing that I'd drawn some things badly, and that yielded the final piece of concept art...

...which is still not strictly speaking perfectly correct, but it'll do.