"Bracket To Me...!", Part The First

A project log for The Homebrew Steampunk Laptop v2

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StarhawkStarhawk 04/13/2019 at 04:000 Comments opposed to "socket to me", because neither a socket set nor former President Richard Nixon are involved in this production, but angle brackets are.

Specifically, in this case, the angle brackets connecting the copier drum to the keyboard, which at this point are too small to deal with the size of the lid. They are scavenged from a Western Electric telephone, one of the Decor series ones with a dial pad and getup in a faux-wood and faux-leather box for people in the 80s who thought they were too cool to have an exposed desk phone on their desk. These brackets held the dial pad in place.

Today I went to Wal-Mart. I got two packs of one-inch angle brackets, two packs of short straight brackets, one pack of longer straight brackets, and some washers and machine screws. I wish I'd looked at the machine screws closer before I paid -- they will not be useful. I also wish I'd been able to get some one-and-a-half-inch angle brackets, but such is my luck that they were out. Hopefully they'll be on whatever truck has been through by Monday afternoon. I'm not 100% sure I need them, but I hope they're there if I do...

Tomorrow I will go about reassembling the keyboard / copier drum getup and see if one-inch angle brackets will add enough height. I have my doubts, but only time and trials will tell. I'm planning on using three angle brackets on each side, with the straight brackets reinforcing, and washers as spacers where needed.

I need to rewire the power harness as well, anyways -- the screen, as it turns out, is made for a Raspberry Pi setup, and it has an integrated 5v 2a power supply for powering said Pi directly off the display. As such, I'm going to repurpose that for driving the USB hub's power port (it's a USB-A connector right there anyways) if I at all can, and that means that the entire rest of the computer takes 12v input, which in turn means that I can drive the system off a 12v 5a single-voltage power brick instead of needing a dual-rail brick. I even have a very pretty matching barrel jack somewhere... this is also nice from an electrical perspective, because it means the power toggle can now take on power and ground at once. I have to check the amp rating of the switch, but I'm relatively sure it'll be fine. If not, I can get another.