6-6-19 Status

A project log for ESP32 LED & Motor Driver

An ESP32 based controller that can drive any kind of LED strip, or motor. Includes microSD, USB-UART, and large voltage range input.

Bill EckmanBill Eckman 06/07/2019 at 02:170 Comments

6-6-19:  I updated the schematic and layout with the following changes. 

REV -01 Changes:
1.  Changed high current drive connector      to 2.54mm spacing.
2.  Changed D1 to 4.3V.
3.  Added reset switch.
4.  Added GPIO0 switch for bootloading.
5.  Changed LED connector to connector
     with 2.54mm spacing.
6.  USB device changed to FT231.
7.  Added ESPtool compatible reset circuit.
8.  Changed R12 to 10k.
9.  Changed green LED to a different type.

So far the testing is going well without issues.  ESP compatible reset circuit makes uploading files a lot smoother.