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A poket-to-laptop size microcomputer/programmable calculator, based on Arduino DUE and Terminal-BASIC

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Over 70 application functions have been implemented so far.

The full list is here.

For instance, if you want to compute an average, it is easier than on HP-35s!

Common Experiment Processing

Given: In the dance class of 10 students, the heights were measured at 147, 152, 165, 163, 168, 163, 175, 166, 170, and 167 cm.

Find: The mean height and its standard deviation in the class.

  1. Type clear sum, <Enter> (a shortcut is <F1>, <A>, which displays clear )
  2. Type sum 147, <Enter>
  3. Type sum 152, <Enter>
  4. Continue for the other 8 numbers. Instead of typing sum, you also can type a number and press <F1>, <S>
  5. After each number the calculator displays number of samples, the mean and standard deviation.

After entering all 10 numbers, the display shows:


StDev________ 8.30261003


Sum updated____________


Answer: the average height of the class student is 164 cm (68% of samples are in the interval of 164±9 cm).

Normal Distribution and Probability

Given: In the dance class as above, assume normal distribution and fair representation of the school population.

Find: (1) Probability the next class participant is taller than 175 cm. (2) Interval of heights for 95% of the school population.

  1. Type prob(175), <Enter>
  2. The calculator displays: 0.91513344. This is the probability the next participant is under 175 cm.
  3. To find the answer, type 1, <Enter>, <Arrow Down>, <->. The calculator displays: 8.48665622e-002.
  4. Type 1, <Enter>, 0.95, <->, 2, /, probit,<Enter>.
  5. The calculator displays: 147.3(...) This is the lower value.
  6. Type probit( 0.975), <Enter>.
  7. The calculator displays: 179.9(...) This is the upper value.

Answer: (1) the probability to find a student taller than 175 cm is 8.5% . (2) In the school, 95% of the students are in the interval between 147.3 and 179.9 (or 163.6±16.3) cm in height.


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fantastic work done!

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