Test fitting

A project log for Composite Motorcycle Skidplate Designs

Do high-end skidplates need to be made of carbon fiber? Lets find out!

david-troetschelDavid Troetschel 04/04/2019 at 15:280 Comments

After removing some material around the exhaust I forgot to account for and moving a mount point we got the skidplate for the XT200 mounted and some miles logged. No bad vibrations and a close fit.

It actually blends in with the bike due to its low profile.

We might use a sheet metal insert to oven cure our next part to avoid heat deformation ahead of use.

You can barely see it!

We are adding contours and a lip network to increase rigidity and then plan on CNCing out a foam mold for the next iteration while working on the BMW skidplate which will be a little more complicated. We have run some basic simulations and will share some visualizations when we get the chance.