Wet Layup

A project log for Composite Motorcycle Skidplate Designs

Do high-end skidplates need to be made of carbon fiber? Lets find out!

david-troetschelDavid Troetschel 08/14/2019 at 19:130 Comments

Seventeen pumps of each part A and B were used. Exact volume unknown.

Ten total sheets of Carbon and Kevlar were used.

I rolled up a small tube of plastic for the roll-over section. Unfortunately I did not make the cut-out pocket large enough to allow for all material, not sure how it'll turn out.

Inset size:

Greased up.First layer was a little big but lined up.

This is definitely a better two person job, I didn't use the heat gun at all.

Final layers, I massaged in the resin in by glove.

I probably should have used a vacuum bag.
I de-laminated and folded over the plastic mandrill, definitely not the best approach retrospectively. I think I should start using inserts.

Real ugly edges.

And then some weight. I'll check on it Friday.