USB 3.1 Type C to Type A Adapter with PD

An USB super speed Type C to Type A adapter which can extract the USB PD signal of the Type C port and use it e.g. for charging.

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This board is an universal USB Type C to Type A (male) converter that is capable of USB 3.1 Gen 2 data rates.
The PCB is able to extract the USB PD signal and output the voltage to a screw terminal, this is handled by an on-board STM32G0 micro.

I had the idea for this project when i thought of ways to upgrade my laptop to charge via USB PD, which became an ubiquitous standard in the recent years. The goal is use one USB 3.0 Type A ports of the laptop provide both a a power and data connection to/from an external docking station.

The latest files of this project can be found here:
The schematic and layout can be viewed in the browser here:

That board is designed to serve many purposes:  
* Provide an USB 3.1 Gen 2 capable data connection
* Provide a power connection both ways - the USB Type C Port acts as a dual role port (DRP), so it has both upstream and downstream facing capability
* Use a STM32 to handle the PD protocol  and power negotiation
* Snap-off sections if ether the PD/micro section or the screw terminal are not needed, so if the board is only used as an adapter

  • Added USB SuperSpeed MUX

    Jakob Faltisek05/16/2019 at 18:02 0 comments

    After some feedback and research I've added a differential multiplexer that can handle USB 3.1 speeds to reduce reflections on the not connected SS-pairs. The MUX is controlled by the STM32 micro,  that can detected the cable orientation based on the CC pins. 

    Also I removed the files from here and provided a link to the open gitlab project, where you can always find the latest files. The layout and schematic can also be viewed directly in the browser within the project.

    If you have any feedback, I'd appreciate it very much. Ether leave it here or on the gitlab project.

    Thanks - Jacky

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asaf wrote 04/26/2021 at 13:39 point


If i connect tablet to the USB_C connector and device to USB A connector, and charger to the socket , does the tablet will charging while the data transfer between the tablet and device ? did you check this scenario ? 

Thanks !

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Justin Kenny wrote 12/17/2019 at 04:57 point

Did you post the code somewhere or is it not done yet?

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Jakob Faltisek wrote 12/17/2019 at 10:28 point

No the project isn't finished unfortunately. Once I have something I'll update the project and the git repo.

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Clara Hobbs wrote 04/11/2019 at 23:37 point

I doubt this will work very well for USB 3.1 data.  You're meant to use a mux chip to detect the cable orientation and connect the SSTX/RX lines only on the side that needs them.  Just tying them together like this will almost certainly create a lot of RF problems and result in degraded performance.

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Jakob Faltisek wrote 04/12/2019 at 08:59 point

Thanks for the feedback!

I've my own doubts with this design, but i didn't find good resources on how to design such an adapter. I'll look more into this topic and see if i can find anything useful. If you know of any resources about this topic, please feel free to share those with me, it would help a lot. 

Best regards, Jacky

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