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The first thing you need to do with a new field is measure it. The gravitational field was here before us, but measuring it precisely and understanding what that means are a different thing. Up until now, most people are satisfied to just take a few measurements a second. But what happens when you start sampling and tracking variations at Msps or Gsps or higher? Well, then this gravitational field, with is speed identical to light, looks more and more like electromagnetism. And that should give us lots of ideas? Can I use it to image things? Can I use it to communicate? Is there any way to increase the power or change it in any way? Can it be reflected? Refracted? Modulated? Absorbed? With one second samples the wavelength is 300, 000 kilometers. No chance of doing much with that. With light, you up the frequency and you get more energy, more power, more momentum, more resolution. That should happen with gravity as well. So lets measure it, but lets measure the highest fr

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