Design Revision: Update 2

A project log for SmallKat: An adorable dynamics oriented robot cat

A dynamics oriented quadruped for research and education.

xaveaglexaveagle 09/20/2019 at 16:510 Comments

Its been some time since the latest revision of the cat but we have been busy. We tested the last version from our previous design update and found it to be a little too big and heavy for what we wanted. For this version we essentially combined the original version and last version together. The features of this version include the following updates:

This version of the cat has more parts than the original however the assembly process is significantly easier and it is more robust. Additionally replacing servos and other parts takes much less time. 

The next step will be wiring and running this version through some tests with walking and fixing a few small design errors with tolerances. This version is getting closer to what we hope a final and commercial product would like. Still a lot of work and testing to go before we get to that point. For now enjoy the working prototype featured on our page!