Sample video of machine running

A project log for The Omni multi-machine

Laser cuts, routes, plots, engraves and makes vinyl stencils and more for makers ,crafters and builders.

castvee8castvee8 04/06/2019 at 23:070 Comments

Quick demo of machine routing, laser cutting and pen drawing. Nothing fancy just a demo. The material is 1/4 inch on the motor router,two stacked 3/16ths thick wood on the laser and posterboard on the pen drawing.

On the laser cut I made a bit of a mistake-Instead of putting the beam stop under the 3/16ths material I stacked  2 3/16ths material on top of each other. The result was the top layer was cut fine but did some scorching as a result. All is well wood scraps are plentiful. The camera did not like the laser light as you can tell in the video....

I wiil add the vinyl cutter and a few other accssories soon.