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A project log for PiSugar Battery for Raspberry Pi zero

Portable Power Platform for Pi Zero

JdaieJdaie 10/26/2019 at 03:052 Comments

1. We finally get qualified pin samples today... It has been almost two months since we started testing this design. The next thing is to start making new pcbs to intergrate these tiny pins. Then PiSugar 2 is about to release.

2. A working prototype of PiSugar 2 pro! ( Please ignore the 1200mah sticker, it's actually a 5000mah battery, about 12 hours battery life for rpi 3B... ) The otuput chip we used is IP5332, which claims to have 3A output capability. However, we just find out that it has only 2.6A output without charging... Which is inacceptable... So we are now switching to another chip which will have real 3A output.


Huân Đoàn Ngọc wrote 10/27/2019 at 06:36 point

Finally an update, I check on this project every single day. Can wait for RTC integration in pisugar 2

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Mark Aldritz Dela Virgen wrote 10/26/2019 at 15:51 point

I'm excited for PiSugar 2! Also, that prototype PiSugar 2 Pro is a heckin' chonker!

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