Universal Flasher

Hard- and software agnostic software tool to flash microcontroller.

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As a guy working in a PCB assembly company, I run into the plenthora of tools used to flash tons of different hardware. And most of them are developed for engineers, not for factory workers.

My goal is to build a software framework to controll different programmers using their commandline tools or libs, as well as sequences to flash whole panels using needle adapters with an unified UX.

Right now I have a prototype, which works with ST-Links, sort of.

Programming Language: GO
Gui Framework: not yet decided, the prototype runs on walk, which is Windows only, therefore sucks.

At the moment this is pure software, but probably some hardware would be cool as well.

And i highly appreciate if people want to join my journey.

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Tillo wrote 04/04/2019 at 11:41 point

Oh, thanks

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