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Rapid Prototyping Open Source Robot Kit

Ilyas AkhmetzyanovIlyas Akhmetzyanov 04/09/2019 at 18:530 Comments

Hello for everyone!

Another year - another HackadayPrize. And we love it! And of course, for participate in the contest, you need to create new project page. In this year I enter to the contest with side project from my main big work - #Rhoby.The Social Robot.

My new project is about creating flexible, versatile kit for rapid prototyping robots for numerous purpose. I planning use for this -  ESP32-WROVER module which have a powerful microcontroller onboard and equipped with BLE+WiFi transmitters. ESP32 microcontroller is supported by Arduino IDE, have a MicroPython port, and, of course, you can use FreeRTOS for programming this chip on C/C++ language.

In opposite side, I have idea - using STM32F407VGT6 + HM-11 module, because this architecture is supported by similar set of the IDEs and programming languages, but it use pair of controllers versus one module with SoC like ESP32.

Next few weeks I will spent for testing both of this architecture, after that I will publicate my conclusion with all Pros and Cons, which will contain different aspects include economic of the both.

Stay tuned!