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Ilyas AkhmetzyanovIlyas Akhmetzyanov 06/30/2019 at 14:320 Comments


Today is a day when I completed beta version of the PCB design for ESP32 edition of the Micropython Robot Kit.

Why "ESP32 edition" ? Because I want to made two versions of my robot kit.

First one - based on ESP32 wireless module which can be used with Micropython or FreeRTOS. And I will call it like a "Starter".

Second one - based on STM32F4 microcontroller with additional wireless module which can be programmed with Micropython, FreeRTOS or "Baremetal" by C or Assembler and I will call it like a "Pro".

Anyway, part of work is done, and let me show you a result.

Later I will uploaded Kicad project on Github.

PCB still need a lot of work, for example, now I thinking about made it smaller, and adding motor driver IC like MX1508, etc.

Stay tuned!