Sixi 2

Open 3D printed 6 axis robot arm. 2kg @ 80cm

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If the robots take all the jobs, only the robot owners will have power.
In order to ensure democracy, the robots must be owned by the people.
Open source robots are a must.
The most important robot I can make is a helping hand.
I aim to make Marginally Clever Robots, Ltd. into the Prusa of robot arms.
We will make an arm so good it can build its siblings (aka 'eat your own dog food').

The technical goal is an arm with 800mm of each carrying a 2kg payload. (fast, accurate, strong: pick two).

Spin-off projects include:
- gearboxes
- automatic tool changers
- custom end tooling
- control software
- encoders

There are three levels of kit available now:
- just the non-printed parts
- all the parts, unassembeled
- fully assembeled

A kickstarter would have stretch goals for:
- common extra tools
- smart phone teaching pendant app
- neural network path planning

The vast majority of our updates happen on Instagram, Youtube, and the company blog.


Please have a look at our current software roadmap.  Sixi 2 firmware is contained inside the Makelangelo firmware.  

Circuit Benders

The current motherboard is an Arduino Mega with a custom PCB.  The PCB was designed in KiCAD.  KiCAD files - including the latest schematic and PCB layout - is in the Sixi 2 Github repository


We are still trying to build a process in the shop so that the STL files and BOM are always up to date with our current work.  In the mean time, have a read-only look at our Sixi 2 Fusion360 project.  You may be able to extract the BOM and STL files from there.


As opportunity arises we will be making videos showing assembly of each subcomponent.  Thus if you are equipped with the parts and tools you should be able to follow the video playlist and build it yourself.


Note that this project is still in development, and many of the things we build turn out to be dead ends.  You may find yourself pouring a lot of cash and time into dead ends that get cut from the final version.

Show thanks

If you'd prefer instead to fund our effort while you sit back and watch, join my patreon.  Of the two it's the more economical solution.

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[this comment has been deleted]

Dan Royer wrote 04/30/2019 at 20:27 point

Try our Patreon!  I'll even put your name in our next video.

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Simon Merrett wrote 04/05/2019 at 15:53 point

Also, I saw these affordable slew rings recently and thought they look like good fodder for joints:

They also have an eBay store!

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Simon Merrett wrote 04/04/2019 at 21:37 point

Cycloidal gears look good. Would be good to see a deep dive video on those. Especially the curve calcs used in the CAD. 

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