Printed and assembled the body

A project log for Mildred the Hexapod

Yet another 3d printed hexapod, but this one is mine! (and it's matte black)

Fran├žois Ubald BrienFran├žois Ubald Brien 04/04/2019 at 20:080 Comments

2019-03-30 Printed and assembled the body during the weekend.

The kind of mess that I work with.
All of this is boiling with potential.

Soldered the power distribution to make headers that I hacked into the original board

I didn't trust the original cables to be beefy enough for the power required to handler the load on 9 servos per board, so I replaces a connector with male headers onto which I soldered my power distribution. It will eventually have to change as my final goal is to have it run untethered with an on-board battery.

The 0.3mm print really shows on parts like these

The finish on a 0.3mm print is not that great but I wanted my parts to be more solid. On a positive note, the matte black PLA from ColorFabb looks so good!