Printed and assembled the tibias

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Yet another 3d printed hexapod, but this one is mine! (and it's matte black)

François Ubald BrienFrançois Ubald Brien 04/04/2019 at 20:190 Comments

2019-04-01 Printed and assembled the tibias.

First solo test print
10 hours into the remaining 5 tibias print
This is heavier than I thought it would be

I started to be scared that the servos wouldn't be strong enough at that point. I really ended up being heavier that I thought. I still have to eventually stick a computed on it's back and a battery inside of it. I could have made all the calculations in advance, but where's the fun in that?

The tibias are too long

Seeing it outside of Fusion360 for the first time I realize that the tibias a too long. It's not a practical position to start from in order for it to stand up. It can't bring the legs closer to the body like this and will use more energy getting up. It will also have to reposition its feet before walking as this is probably too wide of a stance to start with.