Quantity   Component name
18 × Robotis Dynamixel XL430-W250-T Servo Motors
18 × Robotis HN11-I101 Set Servo Idler Bearing Set
1 × ColorFabb PLA - Semi Matte Black (0.75kg)
1 × Robotis U2D2 USB to Dynamixel
2 × Robotis 3P Extension PCB Serial and power distribution, hacked with make headers to solder power cable
6 × Robotis X3P 180mm
6 × Robotis X3P 100mm
9 × Robotis X3P 180mm (Convertible) Two of them soldered together to join the extension boards, one to link the U2D2 to it, the rest to go between the board and coxa motor
32 × 3D printed parts
240 × Screws M2, M2.5, M3 and whatnot
6 × Washers from the hardware store Size chosen to fit the leg tips