Hardware Provisioning Key for System Administrators

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As a SysAdmin for several local small businesses, one common activity that comes up is re-installing, or adding new computer systems. It's simple enough to just sit-down and go through the steps, but having been spoiled by Kickstart scripts, I wanted to figure out if there was a way to make the process simpler.
Enter ProvKey. Using the ConfigFS USB_Gadget kernel modules, I have been able to virtualize disk images, and add simple configs for installing new computers. As a bonus, ProvKey could also take care of basic user setup (like installing needed applications) and handle key management (host key installation, user ssh key collection, etc) without any additional intervention.
Currently, the prototype hardware is ready to go, and super basic software support is present, so now I am working on extending the software to correctly support kickstart style scripts, user management, and post-install scripts.

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