"Current" Challenge - will a LIR1220 Battery work?

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Darian JohnsonDarian Johnson 04/08/2019 at 21:292 Comments

I'd like to get 3-4 days of use from the wearable; my assumption is that the MCU will stay in a deep sleep mode, unless 'interrupted' by the RTC (alarm/reminder) or push button (record an event). 

I'd also like to go with a small battery. A LIR2032 or LIR2035 coin cell would work - except that I believe both are two large in diameter for the bracelet (they are 20 and 23 mm). The LIR1220 is a better option size-wise (12 mm) - I just don't know if:

Next step is to put together a quick proof of concept to validate my assumptions. 

[Note - I originally referenced the wrong version of the batteries (CRXXXX instead of LIRXXXX)]


Darian Johnson wrote 04/09/2019 at 03:40 point

@K.C. Lee - Thanks for your comment - I'm definitely planning to use the LIR versions (I should update my documentation... I used CRXXXX instead of the correct name). I'll let you know how it goes. 

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K.C. Lee wrote 04/09/2019 at 03:35 point

The rechargable version (LIRxxxx) would be more suited than the disposable ones (CRxxxx).

The CR internal resistance is too high when you need more than a few mA and t loses too much capacity that way.  You could help a bit with low ESR bulk caps, but much better of using that volume for larger Li-ion battery.

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