Poor PCB Design Skills

A project log for Be Better Bracelet

A simple, subtle wearable that can reinforce positive habits and track progress on stopping bad habits

Darian JohnsonDarian Johnson 05/19/2019 at 17:320 Comments

I've dabbled in Eagle before... usually making slight tweaks to already existing designs. I'm designing the bracelet PCB from scratch. The first design was.... lacking.

I knew the first design would be large, but not so large that it wouldn't easily fit on a wrist. There are a few reasons for the size:

I'm in the process of creating a second design - where I'm planning to reduce the size of the components and switch to SMT for most cases. I'm also going to revisit my programming headers.

I might start with one of the Adafruit Trinkets as a starting point... at least some of the components (Cortex M0, Caps, and Voltage Reg) are already laid out.