Vishay Supercapacitors

A project log for LED Coaster - Wireless/Batteryless

A new take on the LED coaster with wireless power charging and supercapacitor energy storage.

Scott ClandininScott Clandinin 08/20/2019 at 06:000 Comments

The folks at Vishay were nice enough to notice my project and send me some samples of the same capacitor type I've been using for energy storage. This was quite fortunate as Digikey out of stock with a fairly long lead time. This will help me to be able to work on future iterations of the project, so big thanks to Walter @ Vishay.

I was also linked to some documentation on the capacitors regarding efficient charging to maximize the lifespan and capacity of the caps.

I haven't incorporated any of these best practices into the current project, but I will be looking into this on future revisions.