Testing the code quality- First step: Measuring

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Building a 6-axis robot based on the Thor robot. When size DOES matter!

Olaf BaeyensOlaf Baeyens 05/30/2017 at 21:060 Comments

I am using a Saleae logic analyzer to test the code I develop. (This can be done with the $10 Chinese clone but realize that Saleae developed the software to make this possible. )

I need a few things to know. Especially because this is 3D printed cogs and material and any accuracy has gone down the drains.

So for the Thor control I need some measurements:

You go the measurement (right side) then you can define a range you want to measure on (green arrows)

You can now select if you want to count the positive pulses.

Example above shows 16 pulses.

A list of possible options to choose by pressing right click on the time measurement line.

This is a very interesting feature because when I am going to steer the stepper motors, I want to be able to measure deviations. I want to know if the stepper motors behave as they should or if I have a software bug.

This counting becomes tricky when I start with acceleration and deceleration. This software will help. When you deal with robotics that deals with repetitive motion, then every step must be accounted for.