Making ESPboy sound better

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ESP8266, 80/160Mhz, 4/8Mb, WiFi, LCD 128х128, RGBled, HQspeaker, 8 buttons, 600mAh battery, 30x70х15mm

RomanSRomanS 12/10/2019 at 20:461 Comment

shiru8bit helping us to make ESPboy sound better, porting his 1-bit chip-tune music engines and making famous AY-3-8910 yamaha sound processor emulator:

"As the game component of the system tends to lean towards retro, and the hardware only features 1-bit on-board sound buzzer (more is possible via expansion modules), it was decided that at this point it needs some ZX Spectrum-like sound, preferably with some compatibility with existing tools and music. So I was asked to help with the sound part. It likely will come to fruition sometime this winter, and will involve ports of some ZX Spectrum 1-bit engines, maybe a bit of other chiptune and more..."


AccidentalRebel wrote 12/11/2019 at 00:05 point


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