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RomanSRomanS 02/02/2020 at 21:254 Comments

Do you suffer from paranoia? Are they spying on you?

Here is the ultimate offer! 

LORA module based on EBYTE solution turning your ESPboy to protected messenger gadget. 

Up to 8km and even more chat at 868mhz or 433mhz. 

Almost absolute privacy! 

An ideal solution in case of zombie apocalypses!

You don't need GSM or WiFi, nothing. Fully self-contained communication.

I have a plan to do a range test, add a keyboard module and provide additional AES128 (or 256) encryption.

Source code


Jdcrunchman wrote 04/18/2020 at 17:05 point

Just in case you missed it.,   Last week the Things Conference was held virtually this year,  and the session are now available on YouTube,  just search for "The Things Conference 2020" on YouTube.   I attended all 24 hours of it,  and it's worth looking at the YouTube presentations.

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Jdcrunchman wrote 04/18/2020 at 17:02 point

hi RomanS,   how far along are you in this project.   I know of some people building similar application using the LoPy4 using an ESP32 with an SX1276,   which has been out for a few years.   I haven't seen one of these in operation yet,  but I do like the fact it's written in MicroPython.   So far,  after trying to get a working  Disaster Radio LoRa Comm device,  I have yet to see how it performs in field tests.   the ArmChat thingie shows promise.  But still have not seen it work.

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Sorin wrote 03/09/2020 at 11:20 point

Hello. I'm also in preparation for zombies apocalypse :) or speaking more seriously for Nibiru great disturb. Are you familiar with the subject? A LORA mesh network that does not need any WIFI or GSM network will be the perfect solution. Also, no actual ham radio is necessary, and this makes things easier.
So I'm thinking, already a couple of times, to organize a public project where a couple of designers will join their efforts with a purpose to create a communication interface based on mesh philosophy. The purpose of this communication interface will be that ordinary people will be able to use it in case of bad times when no other communication infrastructure will be available. LORA based pagers and some repeaters with a fitt mesh and communication protocol algorithmics will be all that is needed. The ultimate purpose of the project will be to create a set of products that will be manufactured and sold at very reasonable prices so as many people as possible will buy them and finally will allow communication between people on bad times.


What do you think about my proposal? Would you like to be part of such a project? I'm an electronic engineer with a lot of experience in board design, project group coordination, and electronic devices manufacturing.


Thank you very much

Yoshua Czeizler.

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RomanS wrote 04/14/2020 at 09:33 point

Hello Yoshua!

It's interesting for me to take part in your project.

Thinking about LORA MESH and LORA WAN integration



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