Since this is a project that will be sold in a near future, I need to consider 4 things:

1) Design

As I said, I'm not that good at design. But I do try and listen to good ideas. So if you have any suggestion, leave it in the comments! 

2) Electronics, PCBs, code

Electronic components are already picked and they seem to work pretty well. The only thing left to test is the battery. I need to know how long it lastst, how long it charges and how to make the whole experience user friendly.

PCB will be reworked. I ordered 10 PCBs for the first prototype which had two motors, so I'm using that one. However since it's quite big, the next step will be to replace it with something smaller. Also Arduino will PROBABLY be replaced with MSP430 from Texas Instruments (cheaper). But that's in the long run. For now it works fine.

3) Hardware design. 3D print.

I'm pretty good at 3D modelling, and since this was already accomplished (except for minor adaptations and corrections) I won't talk about it too much.

4) User experience

It NEEDS to be simple to use. There will be two "systems". One is for brewing tea. So user sets the time on the knob, and presses the button. From then on, the "Dipper" will rise, wait for the user to latch the tea bag to it's arm and press the button. Dipper wiill then dip the bag every 30 seconds untill the choosen time has passed. 

Second system is for the battery. I will need to figure out the best way to let the user know if the battery is empty so that the battery won't stop working right in the middle of the cycle.