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A project log for DLT one - A Damn Linux Tablet!

Modular Open Source Hardware Tablet that is easy to hack and can run a standard Desktop Linux Distribution (or Android)

Prof. FartsparkleProf. Fartsparkle 07/07/2019 at 20:340 Comments

It's been quite a while since the last update. Some private events kept me busy for a few weeks and I had somewhat of a slump, the second prototype was all about defining sensible pinouts for all the FFC's, finding out what connectors to use, what pin counts, what problems could arise in different applications than mine with the pinout I'm choosing and lots of other little decisions.

It's important work but can feel a bit like a drag because you essentially just redo what you already did in a different way.

I've worked through the slump and churned out a new motherboard and over the weekend I made 7 little peripheral breakouts.

This will be the first proper proof of concept. The part I'm most anxious about is the eDP to LCD part, I've never talked to eDP LCD directly before, so lots of stuff I could have missed.

Now that I'm waiting probably about 2 weeks for all those boards to arrive I will focus on milling a prototype aluminium frame to attach these PCBs to. I also got a nice LCD and touchscreen from a vendor, more about that in the next post.