A project log for DLT one - A Damn Linux Tablet!

Modular Open Source Hardware Tablet that is easy to hack and can run a standard Desktop Linux Distribution (or Android)

Prof. FartsparkleProf. Fartsparkle 09/13/2019 at 22:020 Comments

I want to quickly outline what I want to do in the coming months and what milestone I want to reach.

Given the news that I made into the Hackaday Prize Finals I will have to speed up some of the development as I feel the current state is not yet conveying my intentions well enough.

What I will try to do in the next 2.5 weeks:

This is a lot to do for this short amount of time and I'm not sure I will get it all done in time but I will try.

Next up would be finally rev. 3 of the motherboard, this will happen after the prize deadline, there is no way I can finish this up in this short amount of time with all the other tasks, PCB design might be done by then but getting the PCBs and soldering it up will take another week.

Most importantly this revision will feature the reverse mounted Jetson Nano SoM, which would technically allow the first fully self contained prototype. Given I also make a basic li-ion charger module but if I don't go with USB-PD in these first tests this is very straight forward.