Nixie clocK

Nixie clock with Android support, Web interface support, FM radio, clock/date, sensors, relays, web stream radio stations, bt/wifi control

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This is project for all , who want to build special Nixie clock with lot of features.

Main system and hardware features are:

Android app support;
Web interface under HTML5 / CSS / Javascript / jQuery;
Touch display;
MP3 player;
Web stream radio stations;
FM radio with RDS;
Clock / Date;
Sensors for temperature / humidity / barometric;
Relay time control;
RGB backlight of nixies and bottom of clock;
ESP32 with cooperate of Arduino 2560 ;
Bluetooth / Wifi control;
Different languages support;
IRDA teaching control for any infrared controller (TV,Video,Satelite etc...);

Full STL / GCODE support for printers and CNC machining;

(uploaded images are pre-version build - I made clock in last time, but just now I want to totally improve and make the best nixie clock of the world ;-) )

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