first fully working version and GUI

A project log for imgcode - simple image etching gcode generator

imgcode is image etching gcode generator aimed at laser CNC machines

vidmovidmo 04/08/2019 at 16:360 Comments

Today I fixed last bugs I knew and added last functionality I wanted to implement.:

Also today I made simple GUI. It has buttons calling file selection windows, input fields for numerical parameters (default values can be changed in code, for now, maybe in ini file some day...), output text field for verbose output of CLI imgcode called by GUI overlay, preview of input and output image and run button for generating gcode. Program is very simple and pretty straight forward. It resembles first version of imgcode I made in MATLAB/Octave language (which source code I lost due to HDD failure).

I made exec versions for x64 Windows users. They are in dist folder.