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A project log for DOMUS

Noninvasive home automation

oni305oni305 04/10/2019 at 22:110 Comments

The first subsystem I'm working on is the light control.

It is possible to have two cases:
1) more than one control per light point
2) a single control for light point

To ensure that it is possible to drive the light from any switch the node must behave as a 4 way switch.

The first case is the simplest, it is sufficient to connect the node in series to the switches [1].

The second case is slightly more tricky, it is necessary to replace the single switch with a 2-way switch and put it in series with the node [2a], or with a push-button connected directly to the node [2b].

The "SWITCH NODE" must have three functions:
- switch ON/OFF the load
- sense if the load is ON or OFF
- communicate to receive commands and send the status of the load