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Ever wanted to create your own phone?Now you can!

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This is a normal smartphone,running android4.4,speaker,battery everything a normal phone has!(except a camera since the camera module was not in stock)

This is a functional smartphone,it runs Android 4.4,has a nice transparent back to see all the electronics inside,a switch to turn on/off the battery and everything else that a smartphone has(even a headphone jack)!

Spectacular Juttuli.stl

This is the stl for the case

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 34.26 kB - 04/08/2019 at 20:57


  • 1 × Orange pi 3G-iot B This is the main board that controls everything
  • 1 × Orange Pi 3G iot 4.98inch screen This is the screen for the Orange Pi board
  • 1 × Speaker: 0.25W, 8 ohms The speaker for the phone
  • 1 × Li-Ion Battery 1000mAh You can also use a larger battery if you want

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    The wiring

    You need to desolder the power button and the microhpone and attach wires to it and make sure that the wires are long enough to reach the case holes.Same thing goes for the battery and speaker too(make sure the wires are long enough so that the components can reach the holes in the case).Now we have a functional phone,but it doesn't have a case.

    You can watch this youtube video where I build the pone from start to finish!

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    The case

    First,start by gluing the screen to the frame(the circle is where the microphone will seat,so it should be at top and the smaller,square hole will be where the power button will be,it doesn't matter where it sits,it is a personal preferance. After that,start fitting the microhpone,power button and battery switch in the case and glue them in. After that start putting the electronics on top of the screen(you might want to cover the back side of the screen with electrical tape). When placing the Orange pi,make sure that the ports are facing the big cut out at the bottom.After that you should have a small cube and two chins.The small cube is glued to the button(be careful that the glue doesn't get inside of the button!) and then glue the chin in the back,at both ends of the case. The empty space is for a trasparent space,I used a cd case.

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Do you think it is possible tu run this with another OS?

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