OpticCube - DIY High Res Cardboard Spectrometer

OpticCube is a homebrew spectrometer built with a laser cutter and off the shelf components capable of discerning laser wavelengths.

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OpticCube is constructed from a laser cut frame for mounting the optical components. The frame comes in two parts: the box which houses the electronics and optics, and a wing for holding the CCD detector at the first order’s focal point. This wing pivots around the spectrometer for measuring different color bands.
The cowl housing the factory condenser lens is hacked off to reveal the bare semiconductor. This lens is replaced by OpticCube’s primary lens of ø=29mm and f=27mm. The holographic grating is a cardboard slide with the grating in a 2cm x 3cm window. According to the manufacturer, the grating contains 1000 lines per mm. The secondary lens has f=1.0m or an optical power of 1.0 diopter, also according to the manufacturer.
A simple version of this experiment can be done using a smartphone camera. The smartphone can photograph the output of the spectrometer and reveal the lines which make up the harmonic modes in a laser diode

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