Basic Specs of SIMPP.

Microcontroller: PIC16F877A 8bit microcontroller

Clock: 4Mhz

GPIO: 30 (external) + 1 (internal)

Digital IO: 30

Analog Input: 5 (multiplex to Digital IO)

Power Supply: 9-12V, 1amp (External) or USB

Computer Interface: USB

Programming Language: C Programming

Board Size: 2.6×2 inch

PCB Fabrication: refer to link


The SIMPP utilize the MPLAB IDE and programming in C language. In-order for the C programming to be compiled in MPLAB, another software name PICC is also needed to be installed for the C programming be compiled in the MPLAB. The MPLAB and PICC software’s are downloadable from the internet. A programming structure and functional libraries was created for the development of projects. This will help the programming simple and easy.

Difference of SIMPP from Other Platform

1. High GPIO Count with small board footprint

2. Can act as Development and a Programmer platform.

3. Utilize the microcontroller manufacturer IDE that is user friendly and support multiple microcontrollers.

4. Utilize the manufacturer programmer (pickit2-modified for simpp) which will easily connect to other microcontroller (using ICSP) and this will not requires a microcontroller with bootloaders.

5. No USB Driver/patch or dll needed to be installed for PC communication. Just Plug, Connect and Play.

6. Programming can be done even with an external power is connected.

7. Simple and Flexible programing structure