Prototype 3A: Design and Assembly

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I didn't have enough to buy a Lab Bench PSU... So I made one.

John LoeflerJohn Loefler 08/21/2019 at 17:041 Comment

Prototype 3a:

I have got the board of  Prototype 3a back from the fab and populated it and uploaded the code.  Most functionality is working.  


1) Current limiting on negative rail does not work.  There was an error in the Schematic

2) The Positive rail only goes down to 0.62V when there is No load.  This is because the LT3081 Requires a 5mA Load for line regulation. 

Prototype 3b: Revision Concept Includes DAC Output, 2X Analog Inputs(0-12V) and 4x Digital Inputs 3.3V (5V Tolerant)


Tony wrote 09/11/2019 at 16:23 point

Looking great! Let me know when I can purchase it! Thanks. Tony

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