3D Printer Safety and Air Quality Monitor

A project to protect your home from a runaway 3D printer and also monitor and log air quality around your printer.

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This project will use off the shelf components to monitor the air temperature around a 3D printer and should any emergency arise, it will cut the power to the printer. During normal printing modes, an air quality monitor will watch and record data over time to an SD card. Very little soldering will be required and (of course!) the enclosure will be 3D printed.
  • 1 × COM-15093 SparkFun Qwiic Single Relay
  • 1 × DEV-14495 SparkFun Qwiic Adapter
  • 1 × DEV-15164 SparkFun Qwiic OpenLog
  • 1 × PRT-14425 Qwiic Cable - Breadboard Jumper (4-pin)
  • 3 × PRT-14427 Qwiic Cable - 100mm

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