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A project log for Standing desk remote control

Controlling standing desk by voice through google assitant, home assistant and esphome on esp8266

Lubos HoracekLubos Horacek 04/14/2019 at 19:170 Comments

This part turned out to be super easy thanks to and tutorial I found here.

First thing was to make my home Raspberry Pi running available from internet. Obvious idea was to go through some VPN etc.. But then I stumbled upon service called Ngrok and eventually to that is amaizingly easy to set up and there is add-on. But even simple:

ssh -R myalias:80:localhost:8123

 did the trick to expose my Hass to internet.

Then I turned to the tutorial mentioned above and done .. easier than expected.

Now it's just "Hey Google .. Activate Standing" :-)