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A project log for FunKey project - All your games on your keychain !

Fun-on-a-Keychain is back, packing all your games and multiple emulators in a cute and extremely tiny handheld console.

Squonk42Squonk42 04/15/2019 at 11:540 Comments

In the "Files" section you can find the "FunKey Rev." file containing all the source files making up FunKey's electronic design.

The whole design is done using KiCAD release 5.0.0-rc3-unknown-14ce5182~65ubuntu16.04.1, but it should work with all KiCAD > 5.0.0 on all platforms.

Besides the schematic and layout files, this archive contains the schematic symbol and footprint libraries, as well as all the project-specific 3D parts in STEP format.

As a bonus, the archives contains too the BOM in both CSV and LibrOffice Calc .formats, as well as an interactive BOM generated by the InteractiveHtmlBom tool. This file is very handy if you need to pick & place components manually with tweezers.

Please note that this archive contains the file for revision A which has been prototyped with PCBs ordered with stencils from JLC PCB and almost all components sourced from Mouser (except for the Chinese micro USB connector and a few parts that were momentarily out of stock). The only bug we found besides bad solder joints was a BOM mistake for R11: it should be a 240R 1% 0402 resistor instead of a 240k. This resistor is used to calibrate the DRAM data/clock skew and its value is critical.

We anticipate a revision B that will correct this (small) BOM mistake, as well as some other minor concerns: