STL files and Exploded view

A project log for FunKey project - All your games on your keychain !

Fun-on-a-Keychain is back, packing all your games and multiple emulators in a cute and extremely tiny handheld console.

c.Inventc.Invent 04/19/2019 at 16:480 Comments

As with our previous projects (Keymu, Funkey Zero), FunKey was also made to share knowledge. You can already find the complete electrical schematics here, as well as a log on the electronic design here

We've now made available all of FunKey's STL files for those adventurous out there who would like to print your own. You can find them on Thingiverse or directly here.

We will dedicate a log about 3D printing FunKey but already you should know that due to very precise needs, resin printers will give much more details than filament ones.

As can be seen from these files, FunKey's new mechanical design improved a lot over Keymu's previous one. We will get into each improvements in detailed logs but first we would like to share an overview of FunKey's design in the two exploded views you can find below:

The last one can only be found as PDF here, if you want to Ctrl+F some text.