FunKey vs. RPi Zero

A project log for FunKey project - All your games on your keychain !

Fun-on-a-Keychain is back, packing all your games and multiple emulators in a cute and extremely tiny handheld console.

Squonk42Squonk42 05/29/2019 at 21:150 Comments

Can you spot what the 2 boards have in common?

They are both small, but this is not the only common point...

... Yes it is: the microSD Card connector! Both boards are equipped with a Molex ref. 104031-0811.

It is a pure coincidence, though. Our primary motivation for choosing this (rather expensive) connector was its low profile: only 1.42 mm height, whereas most common connectors are ~1.9 mm height. And overall size too: only 11.95 mm x 11.40 mm, while common ones are more in the 14.70 mm x 14.50 mm ball park.

It is just a simple manual "PUSH/PULL" type (i.e. no bi-stable "PUSH/PUSH" mechanism that would take more space), but we don't care, as in the FunKey, the micro SD card is not meant to be removed anyway.