It's FunKey Day on Kickstarter!

A project log for FunKey project - All your games on your keychain !

Fun-on-a-Keychain is back, packing all your games and multiple emulators in a cute and extremely tiny handheld console.

Squonk42Squonk42 07/01/2020 at 16:540 Comments

Here we are!

This is the day we were all waiting for: we are offcially launching the FunKey S  - the world's smallest foldable handheld console - on Kickstarter today!

You can check out the Kickstarter page here:

We started over from #Keymu - open source keychain-sized gaming console , keeping only its foldable design and tiny aspect. The whole interface has been rethought, as well as the buttons, the screen, and many other aspects. The FunKey S is a real handheld console, powerful and comfortable, small enough to fit on any keychain, and able to let its owner play thousands of retro games.

Over the last months we have been working very hard both on the hardware/software and on the communication level. Reviewed by some tech Youtubers, the FunKey S gained a great visibility, on social media as well. Kickstarter already added us to their “project we love” category and we expect the campaign to be a great success.

And of course, we commit to make the design fully Open Hardware and Open Source 

Since its origins FunKey has proudly been Open Hardware and Open Software!

Many designs and tutorials are already online here on Hackaday and we commit to keep every aspect of the FunKey S open.

This means putting in public repositories on Github:

Basically, you have the keys!

Our basic Kickstarter price is $69 and the discounted price for early birds is $59.

Don’t hesitate to write if you are interested and need any more info!

You can also have a look at our social media: