Costs for printing with original consumables added up quickly as original resin costs $149,- plus VAT and resin tanks needed to be replaced every liter of resin adding $59,- to the bill.

How does it work:
The Universal Cartridge is a small module which is inserted in a used empty resin cartridge. The module actively communicates with the Form machine. After roughly 2 liter of resin it can be reset to full with a simple press of a button. Some resins need fine tuning or different resin profiles to print with. The universal cartridge can be reprogrammed to any of the popular resin profiles from Formlabs.

Which resins are compatible?
There are several compatible resin brands. To name a few: Applylabwork, Photocentric, 3DResyn, Molecule and DigitalForge. Many of these resins offered have slightly different specifications compared to Formlabs resins.

Who is using this module already?
It is interesting to see the very wide range of users already using this module for very specific reasons.

For example:

  • Dentists and labs - Printing with NextDent and other Biocompatible resins
  • Universities - Testing out exotic resin mixes like Carbon fiber and metal filled resins
  • Makers - Saving a lot of costs
  • Archaeologists and wildlife researchers - Printing large skelets
  • Hobby shops - Model trains and high detail objects