Bird Shit Repellent

Keeps birds from pooping on your patio.

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Everyone loves birds, but their poop is no fun. These handy snake replicas are made from wire and electrical tape. They send the message - poop somewhere else.

1. Cut electrical wire to the desired length of the snakes body.
2. Cut red wire for the snakes tongue. Fold the red wire and twist it for a forked tongue effect.
3. Hold the tongue wire on the end of the snake body wire, then wrap electrical tape in a balled shape to form the head of the snake.
4. Cut short lengths of electrical tape to form bands on the snakes body. Place these pieces along the length of the body.
5. Place the snakes replicas in places birds like to poop.
6. Move snakes periodically to make the birds think the snakes are real.

I've tried this with pieces of garden hose and solid black wire too. It sounds crazy, but it really does help.

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