Designing the schematic

A project log for Goniometron the Flexinator

As you bend, so bends the board. The board bends in many fields, and with it bends the truth. The truth passes through the air.

justinbrowejustinbrowe 04/15/2019 at 23:050 Comments

As alluded to (but not explicitly stated) in the previous log, I am layout out the board in Eagle.

In keeping with the goal of simplicity, I just used the design block for the nrf52 published by nordic semiconductors. The nRF52 has two internal regulators, an LDO regulator and an optional buck regulator. The buck regulator requires a few extra components, but it can save power in some circumstances. I wasn't hurting for space, and I expected that I would need all of the power savings I could get, so I decided to use the design with the extra components for the internal buck regulator. 

for the accelerometer/magnetometers, I got the eagle library files from adafruit. Thanks adafruit. Thadafruit.

I decided to experiment with building the battery contacts into the flex PCB. we will see how well that works.