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CapitanVeshdokiCapitanVeshdoki 04/23/2019 at 10:100 Comments

This log gonna cover how things going, pictures of how stripe production looks
(with some troubleshooting)

Here you can see new version of mold and PCB for a control circuit. Now I'm waiting for electronic parts to arrive, this must happen this week, so I think first inspections of this board are gonna be available this week also.

First of all, you need to align magnets in row, so they poles are gonna be in right order. Then you need to mark them to prevent disorder:
On next step you should place them in needed order into mold, gluing magnets to the opposite side of the mold: (to fixate magnets while pouring epoxy inside)

Cover everything with vaseline. (or similar, so epoxy wouldn't stick to the mold)
Then, pour epoxy into mold:

Cover top cover with oil in needed places: (to prevent epoxy from rushing there)

And close everything tightly with a stripe inside!

Result on the next day:
As you can see, something is wrong on the right - there is no epoxy on sides! It can be frustrating, because mold was filled on 100% - we have a photo which shows pretty much it.

Well... It WAS filled, but then everything were sucked (with the help of capillary effect)

If one part isn't sopped into epoxy - then,  it's being drained. Natural selection.
So, to fix that - we need to modify top cover, so it would do sopping better.
(it's not hard at all, thankfully)

Next update is going to be about electronics, yes! Finally! :D
P.S. Of course if my supplier of electronic parts wouldn't be so slow as usual.