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CapitanVeshdokiCapitanVeshdoki 12/23/2019 at 00:130 Comments

Hello everyone!

One month later I debunk my suggestion from a previous log, that electromagnetic field can be charged insanely fast using capacitors as a medium. Partly it taken so long because I played with a new desktop milling machine, partly because I was trying to combine my previous schematics with not working one

This is how it ended:

I checked current, after all! And I had no idea that something was wrong there, as I was totally sure, that voltage drop (mentioned in previous log) has something with current, but it seems... that my oscilloscope was calibrated badly. Even if all seemed pretty logical

After 70 conducted experiments, using indirect clues, I finally found that something was off!
Checked, re-checked and here I am : )

What does it mean for project - is that it thrown back a few steps. Important ones - it's not so convenient now and with boosted charging process it could've been a completed one. It doesn't mean that we left without options, however: using high voltage is a really questionable stuff to do, as alternative we can slow down discharging process - and it is a good way to go. It doesn't really matter, what we use - fast charge or slow discharge. Capacity helps with that - well known fact. And it's probable to find some additional methods if we are lucky, who knows!