BLDC alpha-test!

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capitanveshdokiCapitanVeshdoki 03/14/2020 at 17:430 Comments

I fixed that board from previous update. I wasn't carefull enough and forgot to connect some nodes together, and though MOSFET drivers still die when I power everything with voltages greater than 10V (dV/dT problem?), under that everything works fine. So, I tested it out and it worked out. Hooray! : )

It turned out, that it's pretty complicated to measure maximum power output of a BLDC and it's similarly hard to measure certain effects by an oscilloscope as everything is very noisy. Inappropriately noisy! After a bit of confusion I utilized the fact that motor won't start being underpowered, then - compared modes with and without "advanced" retention

As you can see, it utilized power more effectively with retention. Can't say "how much" in numbers, yet it means that there is a room for further improvement at least! It's great that even first steps in that direction give some noticeable results. That means lesser heat irradiation and higher power density are possible