Customization Possibilities

A project log for Automated Circadian Bathroom Light

A bathroom light that automatically changes from bright and cool white in the morning to warm and cozy at night.

anaAna 04/22/2019 at 18:260 Comments

Even though we want to keep this light very simple, customization is also important. People have varying sleep schedules and preferences for dimness. Hopefully we can let the user tune the lights to choose when it should be cool and when it should be warm, and how warm/cool.

We have to choose between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for this purpose. Currently, we're leaning towards Wi-Fi because we would use Wi-Fi for occupant detection as well (you can look at the previous project log). However, it could prove to be difficult to have both Wi-Fi customization and Wi-Fi as a means of detecting people in a room.

With an ESP32, we can try with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to see how it works out. If this becomes more than just a project, we'll try to move to a cheaper and smaller solution.