Simulation Validation Update

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Demonstration robot for learning principles of real-time control using Raspberry Pi, RT Linux, and ROS.

mike-mooreMike Moore 04/16/2019 at 00:260 Comments

Bobble-Bot Validation of Open-Source Sim

We're wrapping up a considerable effort in the validation of the Bobble-Bot simulation. For our users, this means they can safely assume that navigation, controls, and other software development activities can continue to rely on the open-source Bobble-Bot simulation for their testing. Our software architecture and infrastructure enables rapid deployment to hardware upon success of automated test results performed within the simulation environment.

The main point of all this is that we now have reliable data to back up the validity of the results produced by the simulation! Some of the highlights of this analysis effort are provided below. 

Impulse Response Test

Sample plots

Full data sets from all validation tests are available upon request.

We will press on and continue to rely on our simulation to develop additional navigation and guidance routines. These can all be developed and tested using the open-source simulation. We are actively seeking contributors for this effort. SLAM experience would be great. Message us if you'd like to help!